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Picture of Silver Pulser Model: SP7 Accessories are Included $280 USD

The SOTA Silver Pulser has two functions. One function, Micropulsing, is designed to support the body's natural electrical system. Micropulsing provides gentle microcurrents. With the energy-giving microcurrents, many individuals report how they experience a feeling of general well-being as well as increased energy. The Micropulsing energy-giving system can be used at home, at work or at play.

The other function of the Silver Pulser makes a Silver Solution—one of nature's germ fighters. Ionic Colloidal Silver can be made easily and inexpensively. Silver has a long history of use for its germ-fighting properties. Major bandage manufacturers have added Ionic Silver to promote healing.

The Silver Pulser specifications conform to those of the physicist who designed the technology and developed a four-step protocol for health. The Silver Pulser can be used on its own or as two of the four steps of a health program.

The SOTA Silver Pulser is covered by a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components. The Silver Pulser is CE certified and RoHS compliant.

Dean Bodrug, British Columbia, Canada"After watching me … a lot of the guys I work with have invested in a Silver Pulser … and most have noticed more energy too."

Dean Bodrug, British Columbia, Canada

How to Use Videos

The following two videos demonstrate how to use each function of the SOTA Silver Pulser. Micropulsing is one of the two functions of the Silver Pulser. (28:53 minutes)

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Making Ionic~Colloidal Silver is one of the two functions of the Silver Pulser. (23:12 minutes)

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Dianne Bickel, KY, USA"Your products have been a life and mind saver! After years, and I mean yyyyyyears, the future is so bright. Needless to say, I am one happy camper and have told umpteen people about my results and your product. Thanks for my "Electric Miracle!"

Dianne Bickel, KY, USA


Picture of Accessories
Accessories Included
One (1) Carrying Case
One (1) Product Manual

One (1) Micropulsing Cord
Two (2) Pair Rubber Probes
Six (6) Pair Cotton Sleeves
One (1) Arm Band with Clip
One (1) Neoprene® Velcro® Wrist Strap
One (1) 50 ml Dark Glass Dropper Bottle

One (1) Silver Wire Holder
Two (2) Silver Wires of .9999 (4 Nine) Purity – 8 inches or 20 cm long
One (1) Green Scrubber Pad
One (1) 9–Volt Alkaline battery

Product Manual
Each unit comes with a manual that explains how to use the unit.
Patty Trigg, Tennessee, USA "I was amazed at the remarkable response I had with this little unit. If I was on Survivor and could take only one thing with me, I'd take my Silver Pulser!"

Patty Trigg, Tennessee, USA

Optional Accessories

Picture of Accessories

Wall Adaptor: To make Ionic~Colloidal Silver, an AC/DC wall adaptor (12-Volt, positive pin) can be used. The   wall adaptor that comes with other SOTA units can be used.

We stock wall adaptors with prongs for North America, Asia, UK, Europe and Australia. Please specify the type of adaptor required when ordering.

Rachel Zorros, Florida, USA"For me, the Silver Pulser has been a miracle and I would recommend anyone to use it. Thank you SOTA!"

Rachel Zorros, Florida, USA

Picture of Protocol Kit Model: KSP $900 USD

The SOTA Protocol Kit includes three SOTA units that provide the four-parts for a health program.

  • 1 Silver Pulser
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser
  • 1 Water Ozonator
  • 1 extra short Micropulsing Cord
  • 2 extra pairs of rubber probes
  • 6 extra pairs of cotton sleeves
  • 1 extra wrist strap

Picture of SOTA Products Kit Model: KAP $1,600 USD

The SOTA All Products Kit includes the five SOTA units.

  • 1 Silver Pulser
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser
  • 1 Water Ozonator
  • 1 Bio Tuner
  • 1 LightWorks
  • 1 Color Hand Paddle Set
  • 1 Hand Paddle Connection Kit
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